Top Five Free Games You Can Play Without Internet Connection

These days, as we know mobile internet connection pack prices are at the pick, and most of the data consumed by this highly-graphic games.  Almost all these new mobile games require players to be online. There is no option but to sign in to your Google account and patiently wait for the game to download additional content. Though, there are times when you just can’t access the Internet, most especially when you are on a road trip or in a remote place where there are no Wi-Fi hotspots around.

Well, all you need to do is to download these free Android games. And guess what? They don’t need an internet connection. You have to do is install them on your mobile phone or tablet before going on a long trip. So, if you are looking for the games which consume zero data in other words which you can play offline without an internet connection and without spending a dime in wifi data or even at the place where there is no internet connection around you. Then you come at the right place, below are top 5 high rated free games without internet where we found for you which you can play anywhere without a wifi connection.


Zenonia 3

If you are fond of spending hours hacking monsters, discovering strange lands, and enduring long dialogues, then you should install and play Zenonia 3. This 2D role-playing game can be highly addicting.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is one of those rare “you become the villain” games that make you the supreme enemy of the good. It lets you build and spread a virus to infect and wipe out the human race from the face of the earth.

Cut the Rope: Experiments

If you ever played Cut the Rope, you will surely enjoy the same game mechanics in Experiments, thus totally new levels that are quite challenging.

Doodle Jump

This vertical platformer can make you feel dizzy at first, however, once you have mastered the accelerometer and touch controls, jumping over static and moving platforms will be easier for you. While jumping over platforms, you will come across different objects such as springs, jetpacks and propeller hats that can increase your character up quickly for a few seconds of fun.

Mega Run

Mario fans will surely love every bit of Mega Run’s fast-paced runs and jumps. This horizontal platformer allows you guide the cute monster Redford through its journey to volcanoes, forests, and another terrain, defeating enemies and collecting gems and coins.