Best SEO Techniques To Increase Your Rankings 2017

In today’s era, bringing your business online has been vital. However, just going online is not enough to attract the attention of your target audience. The average time spent by the visitor on your post plays a significant role in deciding the worth of your website.


What is Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that means everything you need to do to improve your website’s ranking position in the various search engines.On a page, SEO is one of the most important processes you can use, not only for achieving higher rankings though also for running successful Internet marketing campaigns.


Every SEO campaign has your website in focus and if it’s not correctly optimized for both search engines and users, your chances of success are minimized. Here are five basic but effective SEO techniques that you should implement immediately that will help improve your website’s optimization and traffic remarkably.


Technique #1: Improve user experience. Make sure your website is active wand broken links are kept to a minimum. Ensure that readers coming from search engines spend a lot of time on your website. If they hit the back button quickly, your ranking will drop quickly too.


Technique #2: Ensure your site is keeping a standard of professionalism. Use proper copywriting techniques to make people stick around.


Technique #3: Optimize your title tags– Every page on your website should have its own unique title tag. You should use heading tags to highlight various headings, sub-headings, and important points.


Technique #4: Add ALT tags to your images-Image optimization does help a lot in getting traffic from image searches. Keywords in the “image title” and the “alt text” help to make your blog post more centered and targeted. Images create engagement.


Technique #4: Make compelling meta descriptions-You should add a unique and related meta description with each blog post. You should use your use targeted keyword in the meta description. More importantly, you need to write user-friendly meta descriptions that make sense and are relevant to your post.


Technique #5: Create Engaging Content– This is the most important on-page SEO factor. You should write engaging content. If you’re trying to get by with low-quality content and “trick” search engines, you will definitely fail.


Bottom line:


Always share useful content on your social channels to grow your follower base. Hence, it will amenable your SEO strategies with the increase in social media sharing.

Social media can boost more external sites to link back to your quality content. The more related external links you have, the more recognition you’ll achieve in Google search engines.


Don’t miss out on social media, it is the door to home for many internet users, and captivate a vast potential market for optimization. Post and let your articles grow on social media.