Make Your Guests Feel Welcome With Dinner Party Planning

One of the most relaxing types of parties to throw is a dinner party. These types of parties usually consist of an intimate group of people rather than being a large party. This ensures that there is plenty of one-on-one time with your guests and that conversation is more important than entertainment.

The first thing that you want to think about when dinner party planning is the size of your guest list. Most dinner parties occur in your home, which means that the size of your table is going to limit the amount of people you invite. While you may be able to squeeze in extra chairs, do not eliminate comfort just so you can add some extra names to the list.


When making your guest list, ensure that the people you are inviting share some common things or you could end up with an uncomfortable group. While the people you invite do not have to be friends already (new friendships may be created), it is important that they get along so that your party runs smoothly.


Now it is time to consider the food. Because you are throwing a dinner party, there is going to be a higher expectation about the food that you serve. Everyone is going to expect it to be exceptional. You can choose to have your party catered or, if you have a dish that everyone loves, this is a good time to break out the recipe. If the group you invite are close friends, you can even try out some experimental dishes on them, especially if you know they are good sports.


If you are inviting friends over for a dinner party, then you need to ensure that you set a good table. What this means is that you break out the “good” dishes and glasses, not the plastic or paper plates. If you do not have enough, you can rent them or purchase what you need. Moreover, take the time to put out a tablecloth and centerpieces as well. You can find some very affordable and beautiful arrangements at your local florist, which can make a room look lavish and expensive.


While a dinner party is a seated affair, part of the dinner party planning is preparing cocktails or appetizers so that when guests arrive they have something available to eat while they wait for other guests to arrive. This is especially important if a guest should arrive late but you are sure they are coming.


There are three more things for you to think about when you are dinner party planning. First of all, make sure everyone has a good time. If your guests do not know each other, pre-plan some talking points to bring up at the party so that you can easily discuss them in awkward spots. This was a very common practice in the 18th century for dinner parties. Secondly, do not rush your guests out the door when dinner is over. Be sure to plan for dessert and conversation afterwards so that your guests feel continually welcome in your home. Lastly, make sure your home is clean!!! (Thanks to our friend Joe at carpet cleaning lexington ky for that tip!) Your party will be both special and memorable.