Money Saving Tips When you Visit England

Do you have an incoming flight to England? Or are you planning to go to this part of United Kingdom? Then you are in the right place. Before you finally travel to the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles, here are some money saving tips you can use once you arrive in the beautiful country.

Book early – Of course, the first ever thing you need to do is to book a transportation. And this is easy so we suggest to do it in advance, even if you don’t plan to use it. The fares offered by British Airways are ridiculously cheaper than the other airlines. There are also flight and hotel packages you can check so it would not be a hassle for you to find an accommodation. You just have to call British Airways Number so that you can check their offerings. Once there, take note that the Megabus not only runs buses but also provides trains throughout England and is the best option for cheap travel throughout the country.

Own a Taste of UK card – The Taste of the UK card offers up to 50% off and 2 for 1 deals at selected restaurants. You don’t need to be a United Kingdom local to own the card, and the first month’s membership fee is waived, which is perfect for most travelers.

Free Museums – There are many museums in England, but perhaps the most notable one is the London’s British Museum. Other public museums offer free admission in every city throughout England and the United Kingdom. It’s a great way to learn about the country’s most influential artists, immerse yourself in the country’s history, and waste a rainy day without paying a cent.

Take a free walking tour – Most major cities in England offer free walking tours. They usually last a few hours and are a great way to see the city. Some tours even have a specific focus, such as history, food, or architecture.

Eat the lunch specials – Another way to lower your food expenses is to stick to eating out during lunch only. Restaurants offer fabulous lunch specials where you can get multi-course meals for around 10 GBP or 2 for 1 pizza specials. I typically do my eating out during lunch and then cook my dinner to lower my food costs in England.

Visit the cathedrals – Several cathedrals in England are free to enter. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see some of England’s 15th to 19th-century architecture. Many cathedrals and parish churches are historic buildings of significant architectural importance, such as Westminster Abbey, York Minster, Durham Cathedral, and Salisbury Cathedral.