What are nuts? How are they useful to us?

Healthy Nuts

Nuts are seeds, legumes and fruit as well in the culinary world. Almonds and walnuts are seeds, peanut is legume and hazelnut are is a botanical nut.

Nuts are actually a fruit composed of hard shell and a seed which is edible. These dried seeds in general are called nuts. Nuts are eaten I a variety of ways such as raw, sprouted, or roasted. Oils can be extracted from them which is used in cooking and cosmetics. Some of the nuts which are inedible or found to be toxic are used in games as slingshot ammunition.

Types of nuts

Consumption of nuts

Though nuts are powerhouse of nutrition, once left in the soil will turn into a plant; so the storage of food is stored in the seed. When we consume we get the proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats required by our body. We ought to know which ones are really good for us.

Nuts eaten alone in smaller quantities are good for us, but with other mixes and sugar and larger quantity aren’t. Almonds, cashews and pistachios are good nuts to be consumed in moderate quantities.

The best packaging of nuts

The packages for consumption, as a snack would be of 100 to 200 calorie packs. More than this would upset your appetite and also the benefits won’t actuated to your body. Avoid nuts bought in tubs, as they are of larger quantities and they are usually coated or fried in hydrogenated oils with sweet and salty glaze. Chocolate lovers can go in for cocoa dusted almonds, people with a sweet tooth should opt for natural glazed nuts. Salted nuts with slightly dusted salt would be enough than go in full throttle for bbq or boiled nuts, though so tasty and hard not to resist, you are healthy as you eat.

You could also try out brands which provide the best mix of raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit usually found in muesli and granola bars. Now the consumer has to be careful as to avoid powdered mixes packaged as energy go-packs as they may not contain all the right fat content and sugar included may be high. Peanut butter is good, so is almond and cashew for consumption, they are used as spreads or dips. Other nut butters may contain added oils and sugars. The nuts like almonds are puréed and mixed with water to form almond milk and can be used as dairy substitute especially for people who follow the vegan diet.

Best way to consume nuts is to pair them with a healthy carb, especially at the start of the day with a breakfast containing healthy nuts. Peanut butter on multigrain breads, along with breakfast cereals, on salads.

You the raisins mix, different nuts mix, Mexican mix, tropical mix, salad mix to name a few are the ways you get the variety of nuts in whichever way you want to eat and put in your dish. Theses nuts are handpicked, cleaned and packaged. Nuts do have some shelf life but old nut don’t serve the purpose and may taste bitter.

Peanuts are the poor man’s almonds and they can be found shelled, blanched, de- skinned, salted, buttered, with other spices, oil etc.